Mrs. Sanders goes beyond the standard definition of a college consultant. 
She is a motivator.  Her attitude inspires those around her. 

She helps students to discover passions and interests they may not even have known they had.

- Jamie G. (accepted to Georgetown, University of Southern California, Notre Dame)

Cathie, I want to thank you for the work that you, your sister Dee-Dee and your math wizard Andy have done and are doing with my son David.   

Your confidence that you could get my son energized and focused on improving his grammar skills as well as, generally improving his preparation for standardized tests like the ACT and SAT was refreshing and catchy.  More importantly, you have succeeded in the most important aspect of the project, David for the first time in his life is actually engaged and shows sign of understanding.

Obviously, you have chosen a profession, assisting students in maximizing their abilities and sifting through the college maze, for which you have a passion.  Coupling this passion with your knowledge of the maze should result in significant success, but, more importantly, will certainly help students who need the help.

- Roger L. (parent of Hinsdale Central student)

Dee-Dee Sanders was instrumental to my getting into the United States Air Force Academy.  Her drive makes the students she works with better.  The commitment and motivation she displayed stayed with me throughout my time at USAFA.  She provided me with such valuable instruction that she didn’t just help me get in, I feel like she helped me get my degree, too.

- Jeff R. (United States Air Force Academy)


When it was time to apply to college, I had my heart set on The University of Chicago. Knowing that it was one of the most selective schools in the country made me really rely on the professional experience of Ms. Sanders. She guided me through the entire application process making it seamless, and I’m happy to say, successful.

- Roxanne S. (University of Chicago)


Dee-Dee, I want to thank you so much for the extra effort, foresight, guidance and hard work that you put into helping my daughter achieve her goals.

- David R. (parent of  student at Santa Clara University)


I had the pleasure of having Mrs. Sanders as my English teacher for two years in high school, but my learning experience with her went far beyond the classroom and into the real world. Today, I am a broadcast journalism graduate from the University of Southern California, working as a reporter for E! News.  I strongly believe that none of my goals would have been accomplished with out such a loving, caring, and supportive teacher and friend as Mrs. Sanders.

- Meagan M. (University of Southern California)


Dee-Dee consistently provided invaluable feedback throughout the entire process.  She makes people feel at ease and comfortable.  At first I was indecisive about my choices, but Dee-Dee provided invaluable clarity, guidance and support.

- Paulina W. (Columbia University)


Dee Dee and Cathie, thank you for creating this result-driven program. My husband and I are thrilled with the work that The Big Envelope has provided for both of our daughters. Please keep going! We have one more child who will also benefit greatly by your team of professional teachers and college application expertise.

- Dr. and Mrs. F. (parents of Nazareth students)