Educational Support

One of the most important things about our teachers is that they really are teachers. Not tutors. Not helpful people who are “smart in math, or English.”

Our teachers are certified teachers with degrees in their subject areas—professionals who have spent their careers understanding learning styles and the best practices for yielding the most effective one-on-one results.

Helping students succeed is their profession.

Teachers understand road blocks and obstacles to learning.

Teachers know the latest trends in education and how to get the most out of a student. Teachers embrace learning not just for test preparation, but for life long success. Our teachers instruct at the most advanced levels of honors and AP classes. And most importantly, our teachers care deeply about their students and their achievements.

Our teachers are trained to help with diagnostic testing and evaluation, sessions in all subject areas including AP, sessions in areas of Special Education and ELL.

Preparation for the ACT by subject (Writing, Critical Reading, Science, Math, and Essay), the SAT by subject (Writing, Critical Reading, Essay, and Math),the PSAT/NMSQT and SAT Subject Tests.