Dee Dee Sanders

Dee Dee Sanders

As a high school English teacher, students often asked for my help with their college applications.  I became the go-to person for letters of recommendation, because I knew my students well and I knew how to market them and highlight their uniqueness.

Students often sought additional help with their college search, asking what college would be best for them, wondering how to schedule visits, what they should be looking for in schools, how they should answer questions on their interview.  They needed help, support, inspiration, and professional expertise.  I spent years happily helping in any way I could.  And, I grew to love it.

So, I enrolled in the University of California Berkley college consulting graduate program to keep up with the latest trends in admissions.  I began working even more closely with more students. Armed with more than a decade of classroom experience and a Masters Degree in curriculum and instruction, I met with students and their parents to discuss strategies for lifting GPAs and being more successful on their standardized tests.  I helped align extracurricular interests with a uniquely relevant application story. Most importantly, I helped them find and get into just the right college.

I have helped many students gain acceptance to some of the most selective colleges in the country. I’ve also helped them to get financial aid and scholarship packages, too.

I have worked with a National Merit Finalist who played two varsity sports, and had a brag sheet that would impress even the most stodgy admission officer. I’ve also worked with students who didn’t have a very clear sense of direction and got much slower starts out of the gates. I believe there is a place and an opportunity for everyone.

Most recently, I’ve worked with a special partnership for homeless youth, because children there need at least the same support, advice and inspiration to gain acceptance into college.

I really do believe there’s a big envelope out there for everyone. And, that we can help you find yours.