Cathie Condon

Cathie Condon

Recently, I went through the college application process with my oldest daughter.  Initially, I felt confident and well prepared.  It helped that my daughter is a good student who works hard.  But as I dug-in and became more aware, I felt less sure. I heard too many stories of top students with impressive test scores not getting into the colleges they wanted.

As prepared as I thought I was, the process was more competitive and more complicated than I had imagined.

So, I made it my mission to learn more and do everything in my power to help my daughter find and get into the school that was right for her.

I was extremely fortunate to have a sister who just happens to be an admissions consultant and experienced teacher.

I also consulted with other professionals.

We got some very specific tutoring help. Learned a thing or two about test taking. And, learned how to craft an application that stands out.

My daughter was successful in getting into all of her top choice schools. And I succeeded in finding something that I feel called to do. So, in partnership with my sister, I’ve started The Big Envelope to share what I’ve learned and help other students and their families get through the process and get what they want.